PREMIERE: Speedboat – ‘High Rise Lover’.

‘High Rise Lover’ is the second single from Speedboat, an 80’s worshipping triumph by the Brighton band.

Following on from the release of Speedboat‘s debut single ‘Surf the Whip’, we’re incredibly pleased to share with you the band’s second effort in ‘High Rise Lover’.

Between them writing, performing and producing their own music, Speedboat started as a home recording project for brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths in 2017. Following this, and in the band’s own words, “With gas in the tank and a trunk full of hits, the duo moved out east to Brighton”.
They then met Alex ‘Riffs’ Evans, Bruce ‘Bonzo’ McTaggart and Veronika ‘vRon’ Muchitsch, who would later become their band.

‘High Rise Lover’ starts where their debut single finished, an 80’s worshipping, madcap lounge-pop gem. Sharp-edged synths clash beautifully with a serious bass groove, drums build and fall into a chorus which see’s the Griffiths brothers singing and playing guitar in a neon-lit fountain. 

The video is quite a special affair, the band hark back to a time where British tourists flooded European holiday resorts in search of the exotic. You guessed it, it’s all party at the front and business at the back, and the closest you’ll ever get to seeing footage of your dad and uncle abroad in their 20’s. Quite a timely reflection of Britain’s long-running love of mainland Europe.

“High Rise Lover is a smooth story of fictional love, creating a voyeuristic narrative to explore ideas of reality and expectation, and how romantic preconceptions and motion picture fantasies often lead to dissatisfaction.” – Speedboat

Speedboat evoke memories of carefree times, rose-tinted visions of a past youth you never had. You can also listen to ‘High Rise Lover’ on Spotify here.


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By Karl Johnson

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