NEW MUSIC: The Wants – ‘Fear My Society’.

NYC trio The Wants release their second single ‘Fear My Society’ alongside a video.

So, The Wants are from New York City, as are Bodega, they share two members.  Those that have witnessed Bodega live, will know Madison Velding-VanDam as a guitarist whose jagged and knife-edged thrusts counterbalance the band’s ramshackle post-punk. With The Wants he comes into his own.

Returning with their second single ‘Fear My Society’ via Council Records, The Wants have stepped forward with an ambitious and quite epic tune in ‘Fear My Society’. The band’s electronic-leaning sound, whilst seemingly still acting as a trio, brings the New Yorkers into new territory.

Whilst still holding on to their groove-based bass lines that made ‘Clearly a Crisis’ a dark yet extremely danceable debut, an anxious and unsettling underbelly washes through ‘Fear My Society’. The lyrical delivery is somewhat complex and at times uneasy representing the all too common feeling of expectations outweighing our reality.

In a complex climate of social media, political unrest and the word that planet earth is imploding from within, The Wants channel the tightly-wound tension and stress we live with everyday through a new wave gaze.

UK dates

Sept 16 – The Wants + PVA – The Waiting Room, London.
Sept 18 – The Wants – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton.
Sep 20 – The Wants – The Lanes, Bristol.
Sep 21 – The Wants –  Acapulco Bar & Eatery, Portsmouth.


NEW MUSIC: The Wants – ‘Clearly a Crisis’.

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By Karl Johnson

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