NEW MUSIC: Pleasure Complex – ‘I’ve Got The Feeling’.

South London’s Pleasure Complex unveil “hard-pop” new single ‘I’ve Got The Feeling’.

Released via Young Poet Records, South London’s Pleasure Complex have shared ‘I’ve Got The Feeling’, their music self-described as “hard-pop”.

Wonky pop doesn’t get too much better than this, not only do Pleasure Complex know their way around a riff but they also excel on an alternative pop chorus. There’s also something quite beautifully 80’s pop about this whole tune. Each direction the track moves itself in is pushed to the maximum, never has pop felt so heavy.

Lyrically, ‘I’ve Got The Feeling’ walks us through the band’s distorted vision of romance as the band remark, “I’ve got the feeling you’re gonna ruin my life, and it feels nice” over a bed of carnival synths and riff-heavy guitars.

The track pulsates, bends and moves into more left-field territory as Pleasure Complex let all hell loose, early Queens of the Stone Age stoner riffs meet the experimental dance-rock of Late of the Pier. Hard-pop indeed.


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By Karl Johnson

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