NEW MUSIC: Ty Segall – ‘Taste’.

Ty Segall re-introduces himself with a forward-thinking electronic take on psychedelia.

Psych-rock leader Ty Segall has just released his 19th album, which is quite the feat for any artist, despite the contradicting title of ‘First Taste’. The title itself may well be an inspired move, as his music sounds as fresh as ever.

Ty Segall‘s new album, released August 2nd, sees the psych-rock pioneer move into a more electronic leaning sound whilst still utilising the same tools that cemented his cult status in guitar music long ago.

The first track on the new record, ‘Taste’, displays a distorted wall of sound featuring bass slides and fuzzy guitars which are dense and extremely energetic. The drums crunch and are packed full of bass, laying a solid foundation for the wall of sound effect. Harmonised trumpet riffs and intermittent harmonised vocals, which are somewhat indistinguishable, adorn the track’s powerful sound.

In a smart move which perhaps more huge artists should follow, Ty Segall has announced an intimate show at Oval Space, London on October 12th, a rare chance to see the Californian artist up close and personal.



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By Ellie Rose Davies

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