‘A World Without Snooze, Vol.2’ by Biig Piig.

Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig unveils an intimate, jazz-indebted EP named ‘A World Without Snooze, Vol. 2’.

The Irish born jazz singer and rapper Jess Smyth (Biig Piig) has had a varied upbringing – living in Cork and Marbella (Spain), then attending her South West London College and her late night casino job in central London. It feels as if all of these places are present in her music. In Jess’ words: “If you’re not learning something new you’re never going to feel happy about what you’re doing.” 

I was luckily enough to catch her show at Glastonbury, which was on a small stage, it felt beautifully intimate and non-showy. She was accompanied on stage by two guys – one looking after production and bass, and a guitarist who played the most fragile jazz chords. Jess’ voice gave me shivers, and her presence felt almost ego-less. She didn’t say much to the audience, but communicated with a massive smile and easy hand movements whilst singing close-eyed.

Her newest EP, released in March this year, entitled ‘A World Without Snooze Vol.2’ features mellow, non-boastful hip-hop production and subtle jazz flares on sax and guitar. It’s intimate and cosy, but also feels fresh, like lying in bed with the window wide open on a summer day.

From start to finish, the EP is warm, fuzzy and easy on the ears. The production is split between Mac Wetha and Kxrn, featuring programmed down-beat electronic drums and booming sub bass which acts as a deep and solid structure for Jess’s expressive yet improvised vocals, which are sang with the upmost control and tenderness.

From the amount of heartbreak and honesty displayed in the lyrics, alongside the rich tone of her voice, Jess Smyth sounds older than her years.


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By Ellie Rose Davies

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