NEW MUSIC: Nudista – ‘Stay’.

London-based indie-pop newcomers Nudista unveil the video for ‘Stay’, the lead single from their upcoming EP.

London newcomers Nudista have revealed the moving visual backdrop for their new release ‘Stay’, filmed and edited by Serena Mirambeau Brey. Recorded in Madrid with The Parrots frontman Diego Garcia, ‘Stay’ is the first glimpse of their upcoming EP entitled ‘a view with a window’, set for release this September. The track follows on from previous releases ‘Free’ and ‘Masters of the Universe’.

Backed by the introspective guitar lines of Robbie Carman, and the touching vocal tones of Spanish-born singer Pilar Matji Cabello, ‘Stay’ encapsulates the emotion felt when away from the one, or the place that makes you feel at home.

Nudista‘s new release is a slow-burning tribute to someone, something or somewhere. Certainly a situation which many will relate to. The video captures the first moments of a departure, quite literally, as we’re treated to a solitary airport journey which oozes pent-up emotion with each slow-moving scene change.

Visually, ‘Stay’ revels in the clarity of nighttime thought processes, and the deep emotion conjured when feeling so small when sitting above the clouds with the world’s problems on your mind, yet also beneath your feet.


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By Karl Johnson

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