Boogaloo Radio EP14 w/ Corrections

On episode 14 of our new music show, we’re joined by Sam Nicholas of new wave newcomers Corrections.

Our new music show returned for episode 14, jam-packed with new releases. At 40 mins in we have our record in discussion, which this time around is the self-tiled debut album by London-based alternative rock band Cagework. At 60 mins we get Sam Nicholas of Corrections’ take on Cagework‘s new record, spin some Corrections tracks and get the lowdown on their move from Australia to the UK.

Listen in full below.
0-40 min – Our favourite new releases and bands.
40-60 min – Cagework‘s debut album in discussion.
60-120 min – Corrections interview + track choices.

—– New releases —–
Bdrmm – ‘Kare’
Sunnbrella – ‘Nick Hornby’
GHUM – ‘1000 Men’
Two Tribes – ‘Zone’
The Murder Capital – ‘Don’t Cling To Life’
Icehead – ‘Denialism’
Crack Cloud – ‘Drab Measure’
Egyptian Blue – ‘Collateral’
—– Record in discussion 40 mins —–
Cagework – ‘Wilson’
Cagework – ‘Listen Elsewhere’
Cagework – ’23’
Cagework – ‘Eileen’
Cagework – ‘Valuables’
—– Interview with Sam Nicholas of Corrections —–
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Double Denim Hop’
black midi – ‘Speedway’
Corrections – ‘R4ts’
Corrections – ‘Man in the Moonlight’
Corrections – ‘Sweet Lust’
Total Control – ‘Vanity’
The Ocean Party – ‘Rain on Tin’
Heavy Heart – ‘Cry Ice’


WHY I LOVE: Slowthai.

EP REVIEW: GHUM – ‘The Coldest Fire’.

INTERVIEW: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard.


By Karl Johnson

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