NEW MUSIC: Sleep Eaters – ‘Bad Love’.

Sleep Eaters release the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Holy Days’, out on PNKSLM.

No band at the moment has pulled off that country-infused sound quite like London five-piece Sleep Eaters. Soundtracking dance-of-death shootouts and bar fights ain’t easy, not that this is the mid-60’s, or indeed spaghetti western music, but it kind of sets the backdrop.

‘Bad Love’ is the second single to be taken from Sleep Eaters’ upcoming EP ‘Holy Days’ out on the excellent PNKSLM Recordings. The track is an exhibition of highly-charged, garage rock riffs combined with a driving psych-groove. A story of tangled emotion and toxic relations drives the tracks lyricism, the unique vocal delivery leaving the listener hanging on each line.

From the opening moments of ‘Ghost on Fire’, the band’s debut single, there was something special in the air. Alongside raucous live shows, their signing to PNKSLM and previous single ‘Don’t Sell Your Soul’, Sleep Eaters’ momentum has carried them into an excellent position in 2019.

In August, the five-piece will play a Rough Trade Recommends show in conjunction with the release of their EP ‘Holy Days’, and follow that with a huge night at Studio 9294 with Bad Vibrations in September.


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By Karl Johnson

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