Hard Of Hearing on Boogaloo Radio EP13 w/ Cagework.

On the eve of the release of their debut album, Cagework frontman Sam Bedford joined us in the Boogaloo Radio studio.

Our new music show returned for episode 13, jam-packed with new releases. At 40 mins in we have our record in discussion, which this time around was ‘Schlagenheim’, the debut album by London’s black midi. At 60 mins we get Sam’s take on black midi, spin some Cagework tracks and get the lowdown on their upcoming debut album.

Listen in full below.
0-40 min – Our favourite new releases and bands.
40-60 min – ‘Schlagenheim’ by black midi in discussion.
60-120 min – Cagework interview + track choices.

1. Egyptian Blue – ‘Adderall’
2. Crack Cloud – ‘The Next Fix’
3. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Late Night City’
4. The Wants – ‘Clearly a Crisis’
5. Sleep Eaters – ‘Bad Love’
6. Silverbacks – ‘Pink Tide’
7. GHUM – ‘Saturn’
—- Record In Discussion —-
8. black midi – ‘Speedway’ 
9. black midi – ‘Near DT, MI’
10. black midi – ‘Reggae’
11. black midi – ‘Ducter’
—- Interview w/ Cagework —-
12. Cagework – ‘Simmer’
13. Cagework – ‘Wilson’
14. Cagework – ‘Modesty’
15. Polvo – ‘City Spirit’
16. SACRED PAWS – ‘What’s So Wrong’
17. Penguin – ‘Get Me Out’
18. Meat Wave – ‘Brother’
19. FEHM – ‘Blue Hour (Nothing Lasts Forever)’
20. Treeboy & Arc – ‘Concept’


ALBUM REVIEW: black midi – ‘‘Schlagenheim’

NEW MUSIC: WOOZE – ‘what’s on your mind?’ EP 

NEW MUSIC: Self Help – ‘Organic Noise Kitchen’ EP 


By Karl Johnson

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