NEW MUSIC: Show Boy – ‘Like That’.

Show Boy turns sadness into joy with new single ‘Like That’, cut from his upcoming EP.

Announcing itself with a UK Garage beat which Daniel Bedingfield himself would be proud of, ‘Like That’ is the latest single from London’s pop icon in waiting, Show Boy. The track goes on to weave together tight Prince-esque guitars, punchy bass and a whole bagful of new production moves, before waves of shimmering synths elevate the song’s chorus to new heights.

This is the second offering of the year from Show Boy (AKA Jovis Lane) building anticipation for the arrival of debut EP ‘Surreal’ which arrives mid-July. Where previous single ‘Video’ springboarded the duo (featuring Dan Bramley on DJ duties) into full on electro-pop territory, ‘Like That’ sees the artist consolidate this move, while raising some serious questions of himself and a former partner following a broken down relationship.

Writing about the track, Lane explains: “This has been a special and personal song for me, written during a turbulent time. I used to think it was a sad song, but now when I perform it I feel joy”. There is some solace in Lane’s journey, in that hopefully even the most painful human experience can eventually help us move forwards and become a better person.

The EP ‘Surreal’ arrives July 12th with what promises to be a spectacular launch party taking place the night before at Dalston Superstore. Follow the event here.


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By Benji Tranter

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