NEW MUSIC: SILVA – ‘Like a Doll’ –

London’s SILVA challenge societal expectations of women with a powerful visual for debut single ‘Like a Doll’.

‘Like a Doll’ is the debut release by London four-piece SILVA. Anyone that has witnessed the haunting vocal harmonies and fluid bass grooves of the band live will be familiar with the band’s debut release.

‘Like a Doll’ comes on like an instant classic, channelling the eery atmospheric charm of bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees or Warpaint. The video portraying the journey of women escaping societal expectations and bringing about change through solidarity and awareness. Not only escaping but confronting and seeking change.

Through tight-knit drumming and a silky bass groove that underpins the track, SILVA create a soundscape in which the listener can truly fall into daydream. Oscillating synths combined with guitar lines that touch like ice to skin, provide a journey of clarity through deep thought. Whether it’s the solitude of the early hours of morning, or the depth of night which offers up moments of self-awareness, SILVA soundtrack change in 2019 through soul-stirring dream pop.


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By Karl Johnson

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