Hard Of Hearing LIVE: Max Bloom + Special guests + Cagework

This August we will host MAX BLOOM’S single launch party at Tamesis Dock, a floating live music venue on the River Thames.

Max Bloom released his debut single ‘To Be Alone’ via Modern Sky Records back in April. On August 2nd we will have the second instalment, and surely there’s no better way to celebrate than a gig on a boat. The two single’s are cut from his debut solo album due in 2020. The album was motivated by a need to get things off his chest after experiencing in his own words “… severe depression, the end of a long-term relationship, and a migration back to his family home”.

We welcome special guests in the form of London-based trio Cagework, who drop their self-titled debut record on June 5th. Listen to their recent single ‘Modesty’, and their previous release ‘Wilson’ for an insight into their sweetly constructed, heartfelt alternative rock. Expect also very special guests as main support, announced nearer the time (it’s big).

Join us on-board at Tamesis Dock for an end of summer spectacle not to missed. Tickets available here via DICE.



Max Bloom – ‘To Be Alone’ – A story of lost love and fragility. 

Cagework – ‘Modesty’ – A frantic, hook-driven alternative rock sweet spot. 

Famous – ‘England’ mini-album – Anxiety, rage and experimental pop promise.


By Karl Johnson

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