NEW MUSIC: Cagework – ‘Modesty’

With their self-titled debut album out July 5th, Cagework unveil the video for new single ‘Modesty’.

Cagework know how to write short, sharp and impactful songs, new single ‘Modesty’ is a prime example of this. Out on Physical Education Recordings, and a taster of their self-titled debut record out on July 5th, ‘Modesty’ comes out all guns blazing.

Taking direction from lo-fi indie and bold alternative rock, Cagework‘s chaotic brand of guitar music hits hard, yet touches on the more beautifully raw moments of lo-fi music. See their previous single ‘Wilson’ for further evidence. Frontman Sam Bedford delivers his vocals part frantically, part thoughtfully as ‘Modestly’ straddles blunt truth and youthful yearning. This is all achieved in just over a minute and a half of song.

Cagework continue their journey into the world of reflective, hook-driven alternative rock, which is sweet spot few occupy in 2019.

Live dates
Jul 9th – Cagework – Rough Trade, Bristol.
Jul 10th Cagework – Rough Trade, Nottingham.
Jul 11th Cagework – Rough Trade East, London.
Aug 27th – Max Bloom (Yuck) + Cagework – Tamesis Dock, London.



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By Karl Johnson

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