Treeboy & Arc – ‘Concept’ – Melodic, tight-knit post-punk from Leeds.

Photo by Bands On Film

Leeds-based 5-piece Treeboy & Arc return with ‘Concept’, a tight-knit slab of post-punk through Speedy Wunderground.

Concept is the new release by Leeds lot Treeboy & Arc. Quite the complete effort it is, aided by the trusty hands of London label Speedy Wunderground and producer Dan Carey. The band join Squid, Black Midi, Tiña and Black Country, New Road who of late have all released with the sought after London label. Having been released digitally, the single will get a physical release, out 7th June on limited 7” vinyl (250 copies).

Treeboy & Arc create a post-apocalyptic world vision on their most recent release. It’s the sort of melodic, tight-knit post-punk that binds the early sonic-palette of early 2000’s Interpol with the vocal delivery and story-telling nature of The Fall.

Treeboy & Arc – “… the song is about being the only person alive and the entire world around me being a figment of my imagination. But then ultimately coming to the realisation that that’s not the case, as if I’d created everything around me I’d have given myself a lot more beneficial features. It’s kind of an existential stream of consciousness.”

Treeboy & Arc LIVE:
June 6th – London, The Waiting Rooms – Single Launch
June 8th – Bristol, Triptych Festival
June 13th – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, Single Launch


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