GHUM – ‘Get Up’ – A brooding, dark and ferocious release.

It’s the sound of a band who have it figured out, new single ‘Get Up’ arrives ahead of their EP ‘The Coldest Fire’.

With GHUM’s new EP The Coldest Fire due at the end of June, the band have released lead single Get Up.

With their first EP arriving back in 2016, The Coldest Fire is described by the band as a “re-introduction to GHUM” – and Get Up encapsulates that. Not an entirely different sound – their snarling, gritty pop is still undeniably them – but a more refined one.

Although, refined may be the wrong word. It implies a neatness, which Get Up doesn’t necessarily have. Rather, it’s just the sound of a band who have got it figured out. Get Up is the result of endless gigging, of perfecting a live sound and, in turn, perfecting how to capture that sound on record. It’s that mark of an EP that’s purely GHUM – it’s brooding, dark and ferocious.

Speaking of the upcoming EP, GHUM explain: “These songs have a power and fire about them but they also feel hostile and mysterious at times, which is a trait you’ll find across all the songs we write. The title also perfectly describes us as a band. We’re very different people, with a mix of personalities (and star signs!) covering three of the four elements; fire, water and air. It’s the combination of that fire with the colder elements of water and air which make GHUM – we’re a mix of passion, anger, logic, precision, timidness, volume and emotion, all at the same time. All the songs on the EP talk about love but the kind of unpredictable, cold and fiery love that exists through life.”

GHUM’s The Coldest Fire is released on June 28th through Everything Sucks Music on 12” blue transparent vinyl. The EP launch party will be on Saturday 13th July at The Shacklewell Arms, London.



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