Super Paradise – ‘6:30’ – Infectious riffs, dream-like hazes and bursts of pure pandemonium.

Photo by Nika

It’s a noisy mess of emotions, in the very best way possible. London’s Super Paradise return with ‘6:30’.

Following the release of their belter of an LP Quencebo, recalling the walls of distorted guitar by household names Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall, yet packing the pop-punch of Spring King, London-via-Milan quintet Super Paradise are back with their latest single 6.30.

To say that everything else has been leading up to 6.30 would be wrong – a discredit to the past releases and a very wrong suggestion that the track is some kind of definitive high-point – but it certainly feels like somewhat of a crescendo.

Lead vocalist Francesco Roma says “The main inspiration came from ‘6.30’ as a Caribbean dance move… I like that it could also mean 6.30am, dawn. End of the night, end of the dance. It’s always a bit of a weird time. You could still be out after an insane night, yet you’ll walk past people who are doing the complete opposite on their way to work. There’s a bit of uncertainty about it.”

The resulting track sounds like 6.30am; it also makes you want to dance. It’s a noisy mess of emotions, in the very best way possible. 6.30 is loud. It’s an unstoppable force of infectious riffs, dream-like hazes and bursts of pure pandemonium, which, in the wrong hands, might not work; but in the ever so capable hands of Super Paradise, it does. 6.30 is something chaotically special. As are Super Paradise.


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