Show Boy – ‘Video’ – A new, fizzing electro-pop direction.

London artist Show Boy strolls naturally into electro-pop territory with visual for new single ‘Video’.

The new release by London artist Show Boy is called Video, it arrives as a taster of upcoming EP entitled Surreal. Now stripped back to a duo live, completing Show Boy‘s transition into a more electronic project, London artist Jovis Lane jumps confidently into pop territory.

The brand new visual for recent release Video, shines a damning light on the collapse of personal relationships within the startling world of social media. A world we rely on for our gratification, inspiration and torment.

It’s no secret that Video, Show Boy‘s most recent release since the Balearic soundscape of Anemone, has one eye on the current state of charts. The other perhaps on combating the flimsy and ill-thought out nature of top-level pop music, with it’s emphasis on creating online stardom at the expense of art. The age old battle between an ‘artist’ and the music industry has swung way too close to the side of immediate financial gain in recent years, the result being an inability for artists to develop in the spotlight and release freely.

Show Boy charge into new territory on Video, it’s beat-driven and pulsating. Fizzing synths and emotionally-charged vocals build to a climax as Show Boy now have a strong hand full of tracks as Jovis Lane pushes his project into exciting new territory.


Tiña – ‘I Feel Fine’ – Thrillingly ferocious pop. 

Crumb – ‘Part III’ – Introspective, jazz-infused psych-pop

Tree House – ‘Head Up High’ – Instantly addictive, groove-heavy return.


headofhearinglogov5 (1)By Karl Johnson

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