Weird Milk – ‘Anything You Want’ – As buoyant and devastatingly pop as ever.

Londoners Weird Milk bring art back to pop music with the buoyant ‘Anything You Want’.

Mainstream radio has tied itself in knots through industry-ins in search of a quick buck, it pollutes the airwaves with producer-led pop often containing less than a flicker of artistic expression. Radio DJ’s choose such as small percentage of the music they play, it’s no wonder new music isn’t represented half as much as it should be.

As irritating as it is disposable, we exist in an age of the overnight pop star. We need it, we build it up, and when it’s no longer of use we throw it to the curb. With that in mind, sometimes a band arrives with all the tools to bring art back to pop music. Enter Weird Milk.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from the London four-piece, avid readers of this humble publication will have seen us cover previous singles This Close, All Night and Better. All three previous releases are delightful in their own right.

Weird Milk have perhaps produced their most direct pop song to date, intricate yet spacious, the delicate harmonies of lead singers Alex Griffiths and Zach Campbell are as devastating as ever, backed by the vocal-sheen of drummer Charlie Glover Wright.

Anything You Want sees the London quartet stride into modern-feel pop territory, whilst retaining their surf roots. They bottle the juiciest moments of early 60’s The Beach Boys and The Beatles, but this time, they truly finding their own sonic footing.



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