Public Body – ‘Talking Show’ – VIDEO PREMIERE.

Today we premiere the new video by Brighton band Public Body for their fast-punching, math-inspired stop-start gem, ‘Talking Show’.

What is clear from south coast newcomers Public Body’s debut release Talking Show? The track’s tight-knit guitar work pushes them into the sharp corners of new post-punk, math-rock and indie-rock. Their attention to detail and driving guitar parts set them apart from the rest of an ever-swelling and never more exciting post-punk racket between Brighton and London, that’s without mentioning what’s coming out of Hull and Leeds currently (Drahla, Treeboy & Arc, Vulgarians and LUMER to name a few).

Public Body are band that formed last year, and have been very prolific ever since. The Brighton band’s debut EP arrived very recently via fast-rising London label Permanent Creeps Records, and it gives a clearer intention of the band’s direction that did their debut single and track in question Talking Show.

Diving into their self-titled debut EP, you will find moments of push and pull post-punk, delivered closer to the likes of New York City’s cult heroes Television than most other bands you’ll find in their ‘related artists’ on Spotify. It’s jagged, confrontational yet thoughtful, and everything you’ll want from an exciting new guitar band. It’s post-punk born out of the frustration of a modern day mundane existence, it’s hard-hitting and intense, but not without it’s pop-infused moments.

Public Body on their video – “… we’ve always loved the 80’s office aesthetic in old TV shows and film. A few of us also reluctantly work office jobs, and we wanted to play on that and the contrast it has with our music“.

Public Body‘s sound brings the spoken word style vocal delivery of Montreal’s Ought into the territory of Atlanta math-pop kings Omni, as if they’d both just washed up onto Brighton’s pebbled beach. That being said, Public Body‘s sound contains a very lived-in Britishness born out of the daily torment of balancing the creation of art with the everyday need of making money to support it.

Upcoming shows
24.04 – Public Body – w/ The Coathangers @ Latest Music Bar, Brighton.
26.04 – Public Body – Vintage Crop @ Loud Shirt Brewing Co, Brighton.



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