Family Time – ‘The Grand Collide’ – A laid-back and unstoppable sun-kissed groove.

‘The Grand Collide’ is the band’s second single and the theatrical return we hoped for.

For anyone who was taken by the slow-burning groove of Family Time‘s debut release Magic Abyss Hotel, their follow up will be a welcome listen. With nods to Foxygen, Matt Maltese or perhaps even the wonky synth-pop of Metronomy, the band’s face to face, synth to synth live set up is as mesmerising as it is sonically alluring.

The theatrical soundscape of The Grand Collide takes us on a journey which sets the scene for relaxed romance, lounging in summer sun or introspective daydreams. It’s deeply personal in it’s nature and certainly reflective, as shimmering synths combine with a chunky bass line which builds the tracks unstoppable groove.

Family Time – “But, alas, here cometh a second release, and their intentions might seem less guarded. In full blast, the abyss cries out, the room gives in. If we are to take these scenes as any indication, our foray into the world of Family Time might just prove to be something of an enjoyable dive. Salud!”

The mythical story regarding Family Time‘s Balearic Island studio retreat, where they put together a collection of songs which make up their so called “mini-opera”, has served to surround the band in intrigue. Their second single arrives as spring is upon us, and with it the floating melodies and heartbreaking vocal harmonies represent the hopeful optimism of the changing seasons. It’s a journey into madness and sun-kissed solitude, and a journey we should all be part of.


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