wych elm – ‘1983’ – A dizzying flood of alt-rock emotion.

The Bristol band keep it dark and prolific on new release ‘1983’, taken from their debut EP ‘Rat Blanket.

In 1983, the second release from their debut EP rat blanket, Bristol’s wych elm offer a dizzyingly swift, but impeccably sharp dose of macabre indie.

At under 2 minutes, 1983 is a concise and impeccably strong taste of what’s to come on the EP. In 1:40 mins wych elm manage to take us through sultry verses and huge choruses – a dizzying flood of emotion that leaves you desperate for more.

Speaking of the track, singer Caitlin Elliman said: “1983 is about my personal experience with trusting men. It’s about how quickly my relationship changed with someone. You never know what men’s true intentions are with you.” As such, it’s fittingly fleeting, fittingly emotional, but above all, truly, explosively brilliant.

With the first fifty copies set for release in a limited body bag edition, through Bristol label Post Mortem, wych elm are keeping it decidedly gloomy, and we’re fully on board.


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By Melissa Svensen

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