‘Why I Love… Little Simz’

Hard Of Hearing writers open up about the bands and records they love. This time, Ellie Rose Davies explores her love for north London’s Little Simz and her track ‘Selfish’.

I’ve only recently become familiar with north London Hip-Hop artist Little Simz, even though she’s released music since 2014, including two albums, before her newest: Grey Area.

It’s hard to pick just one song from her new record due to the fact that there are so many that I love and feel connected to. But, there’s one that stands out, gets in my head, and I can’t help but play on repeat. It’s called Selfish.

Simz, grew up in Islington, North London. Selfish encompasses a sound that mirrors what it feels like to be a Londoner. The minimal, understated jazzy chords on the piano are layered over an R&B beat, followed by the blissful hook sung by Cleo Sol (who is an established artist in her own right). All of these elements, along with some loungey strings, and Simz’ rapping are the perfect marriage.

Her rapping is effortless, powerful, and relaxed. Nearly every other phrase is a piece of advice or a philosophical viewpoint, which seems to have come from Simz’s tackling of her own struggles, and life experience. “I need more self-loving”, exposes that as well as being strong, she is also vulnerable, and doesn’t seem to be ashamed to show this across the whole of Grey Area, perhaps showing that part of strength, is also to be vulnerable. She touches on being a woman of colour, as well as the fact that she has worked her way up to becoming a successful artist, as opposed to someone who has inherited a position of power.


Wych Elm – ‘Monkey Jaw’ – A dark-hearted alternative rock pleasure. 

Cagework – ‘Wilson’ – Hard-hitting yet emotionally rich alternative rock.

International Women’s Day – “It’s about changing the way people are wired…” – GHUM.

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By Ellie Rose Davies

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