Bat-Bike – ‘Christmas’ – South Londoners open up on sombre festive number.

The guitars are drenched in tragedy, as are the vocals, and in perhaps their most sombre song yet, ‘Christmas’ by south London’s Bat-Bike.

On the 1st of December of last year, the south London based band released a single, which is perhaps their most sombre song yet. Their newest release Christmas begins with a lazy sleigh-bell-like analogue drum beat. The guitars are drenched in tragedy as are the vocals, sung by the lead singer Josh. Liam Ramsden, frontman of fellow south Londoners Mellah, features on the song with lead guitar. It weaves between the other elements with string bends which resemble a tear drop bulging in the corner of the eyes, then falling. The tone of the song is depressively rich.

I remember first seeing Bat-Bike play at a Café in Deptford in a small downstairs room. Their set was energetic and somewhat lyrically comedic. I remember particularly liking their song Drag & Drop which was released on the compilation Thinking About Moving To Hastings. They have one album out entitled Getting Back, which is definitely worth a listen.

I feel as if Christmas portrays the loneliness one can feel even when surrounded by lots of people, and people that you love. Josh sings about getting sick from thinking simple thoughts, and what seems like the mundanity of buying Christmas presents, and ‘going home to no-one on nothing street’. To sing so openly and honestly about issues relating to mental health I feel is a very important thing to do, in an era when feeling lonely/ depressed/ anxious is still a difficult thing to talk about. I am excited to hear what they put out next!


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