Terravī – ‘Sheep’ – A hypnotic, drone-like state of euphoria.

photo – Caroline Azambourg

Revolving London collective Terravī unveil debut single and video for ‘Sheep’.

Bands will approach their debut release as a statement of intent, a sonic identity standing digitally toe to toe with the next great band. In a city which often feels creatively restricted by industry ins and where line ups are decided by algorithmic muscle, Terravī‘s seem to stand out.

Sheep is the debut single by revolving London collective Terravī. The band channel excellently the spirits of noise-rock into a hypnotic, drone-like state of euphoria. They stop for breath within the dark corners of neo-psychedelia, but only to open the door an inch to present a sunnier guitar-led exorcism. In the capital time is lost, any hopes we have are warped by the contrasts that come with London living.

This is escapist music. Sheep is vocally sweet yet sour, atmospherically mesmerising and haunting. It’s percussion driven rhythms speak as loudly as the vocals yet never utter a word, it’s music fit for dark corners or mass audiences. It’s attention to instrumental detail is overwhelming, yet the spacious nature of world music takes you somewhere whereby the details are unimportant. Encompassing influences as normal as garage-rock and as far out as psychedelia, Terravī come up as a unique prospect in an often saturated London scene.



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By Karl Johnson

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