“‘pop’ can seem a bit of a dirty word… we all like noisy stuff so we throw that in as well” – Gaygirl

After hearing ‘Sick Note’, we had to have a word with London’s Gaygirl ahead of the announcement of their UK tour.

I read an interview with you guys where you said someone described your music as ‘indie noir’. Can you talk a bit about what you think this means in relation to your music and whether you think it accurately describes it.

“To be honest I get really confused with what genre/ subgenre really means; but I think the term ‘indie noir’ has been used as we do have elements of pop/indie styles but there’s also quite a bit of noise and dissonance in our music to contrast that…or maybe it just makes us sound trendier than we actually are.”

For me, your music bears strong resemblance to both grunge and pop, what inspired you to fuse these two genres, as well as others? And if you don’t agree with me, where would you say your music draws the most inspiration from?

“I think that’s pretty accurate…all of us have different influences that we somehow very naturally draw together. The term ‘pop’ can seem like a bit of a dirty word when it comes to bands, but it’s definitely part of what we do and we all like noisy stuff so we throw that in as well.”

Can you breakdown the process of how one of your songs goes from an idea to being recorded?

“Me (Bex) and Lewis don’t really have a set way of how we do things and songs begin in different ways every time – whether it be Lewis writing a riff and we work around that or a song I’ve been working on…there’s usually some sort of disagreement on the way but that’s all part of it. Then we’ll bring it to practice as a band and bounce ideas off each other until we think it’s acceptable enough for other people to hear.”


In south London there’s a bit of a hot bed of experimental guitar music at the moment, would you say that with your more poppy nature Gaygirl is a move away from that? or would you like to appeal to that crowd? If so, why?

“Yeah there’s a bunch of different stuff going on right now which is cool – and where we sit on that I’m not entirely sure, but it’s also not something we think about too much either. Kind of comes back to the whole genre question – we’re not specifically grunge/ post-punk etc. so we don’t really focus on who we want to appeal to specifically; we just turn up and play and if people like it…that’s rad.”

What’s next for the band after releasing Sick Note? and where would you like the band to be in the next few years?

“We will be releasing some more music in the not so far away future, and we’re playing next in London on 11th March at Moth Club supporting FEELS. Probably just making more wrinkly music.”



Wych Elm – ‘Monkey Jaw’ – A dark-hearted alternative rock treasure.

Black Country, New Road – ‘Athen’s, France’ – Dark, gritty, off-the-wall post-rock. 

International Women’s day – “It’s about changing the way people are wired…” – GHUM.


Words by Tom Johnson

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