Hard Of Hearing w/ guest Matt Merriman (Milk Disco)

Drummer and new music enthusiast Matt Merriman, who plays in London bands Milk Disco and Martha Skye Murphy, joins us in the studio for EP09 of our new music show on Boogaloo Radio.

New releases, our favourite new bands and an in depth look at our Record Of The Week, Into Red by Sweden’s FEWS. Dip into our new music show live from the Boogaloo pub studio in Highgate, London.


1. Grand Pax– ‘Bunk’
2. WOOZE – ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’
3. BLANc – ‘Chameleon’
4. BODEGA – ‘Bookmarks’
5. FEHM – ‘Blue Hour (Nothing Lasts Forever’
6. Team Picture – ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’
7. Girls In Synthesis – ‘We Might Not Make Tomorrow’
8. Working Men’s Club – ‘Suburban Heights’
9. Cellar Doors – ‘Silhouette’
10. Snapped Ankles – ‘Rechargeable’
11. Treeboy & Arc – ‘Plastic Front’
Record Of The Week at 40 mins
12. FEWS – ‘More Than Ever’
13. FEWS – ‘Paradiso’
14. FEWS – ’97’
15. Sistertalk – ‘Vitriol’
16. GURU – ‘Suntrap’
Guest picks at 1 hour
17. Lewsberg – ‘Terrible’
18. Sitcom – ‘Orange Slice’
19. Mothers – ‘No Crying In Baseball’
Hard Of Hearing Recommends
20. Cat Princess – ‘Sweet’
21. Squid – ‘Houseplants’
22. Pixx – ‘Disgrace’
23. Scalping – ‘Chamber’
24. Crows – ‘Wednesday’s Child’


IN DEEP WITH… Sink Ya Teeth.

International Women’s day – “It’s about changing the way people are wired…” – GHUM.

Working Men’s Club – ‘Bad Blood’ – A knee-jerk post-punk debut from Yorkshire newcomers.

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson

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