Gaygirl – ‘Sick Note’ – South Londoners channel 90s alt-rock grit on new single.

The four-piece channel everything great about 1991 (the year punk broke) and beyond, on new single ‘Sick Note’.

South London’s power-grunge outfit Gaygirl have added to their back catalogue of 90s inspired alt-rock nuggets with new number Sick Note. The four-piece channel everything great about 1991 (the year punk broke) and beyond.

Sick Note opens with an aggressive, fuzzy bass and drum groove before devolving into a shoegaze wall-of-sound after a couple of bars. It then continues in this fashion for some time before presenting lead vocalist, Bex’s screeching yet tuneful frets over the top.

It’s as if Hole bought some effects pedals and listened to a bit more pop music, the track will definitely appeal to fans of both Pixies, Nirvana and, more recently, bands like Peace. There’s also a tinge of Sonic Youth’s less experimental songs and the all incorporating guitar of My Bloody Valentine.

Gaygirl have somehow married the power of overdriven guitar on all their records to date and this one is no different. They’re at their best and most comfortable when the instruments are loud and Bex can wail away at any pitch she chooses. Her lyric “come to the bedside”, although nominally sexual, comes across as quite creepy in the context of Sick Note.

The London quartet have their own sound, and it’s fair to say it will delight the ears of both grunge and pop fans.




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By Tom Johnson

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