Public Body – ‘Talking Show’ – A fast-punching, math inspired stop-start gem.

New south coast four-piece Public Body combine razor-sharp guitars with math rock urges on debut release.

Public Body‘s first single comes via prolific new London imprint Permanent Creeps Records alongside London’s Hanger Records. Regular readers will recognise Permanent Creeps, the label specialises in the grittier, weightier and more angular side of guitar music. See DITZ, Honkies and Human Pet for three different corners of the wider genre of alternative rock.

The knife-edged, high-energy guitar work on display on Talking Show, the debut release from the Brighton newcomers, could come across as all smoke, no fire as it bounds right out of the gate so rapidly you may struggle to process what’s happening. The almost math rock guitar combination in the intro, backed by a hard-punching, yet tight-knit rock drummer is a turbulent, stop-start mindfuck. There’s a cowbell in there somewhere too.

Talking Show is a 4 minute song cold-pressed into 2 minutes for 2019’s distracted youth. Public Body extract the tropical, hard cornered groove of Atlanta sons Omni, whilst projecting their energy through an early-noughties manic punk-infused nutshell. It’s instantly excellent.

Talking Show is the first taste of an upcoming EP, released on limited edition cassette, due March 22nd.



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By Karl Johnson

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