Working Men’s Club – ‘Bad Blood’ – A knee-jerk post-punk debut from Yorkshire newcomers.

The west Yorkshire newcomers share a tight-knit, post-punk dream in debut single ‘Bad Blood’.

Taking their name from London’s new favourite joint to hold gigs, Working Men’s Club have recently released their timely, first single. What a debut Bad Blood is, it must be said.

The electronic drums crackle like a motorik autobahn heading for Berlin in the sixties and the bassline bounces just like Peter Hook in his prime, for either Joy Division or New Order, who cares? The track could probably entertain as just the bass and drums on loop, the guitar kicks in and it’s hard to grasp how this fresh-faced trio from west Yorkshire have done so well on their first single. The Gang of Four-esque riff is sure to appeal to the post-punk revivalists and stay in your head for days. Then the effect-laden guitar solo really drives a spear into the this-band-know-what-they’re-doing coffin.

Working Men’s Club have recently supported Brian Jonestown Massacre, which seems like an unusual pairing but after such an explosive debut surely listeners will do anything to catch these guys before they blow up. The production and vocal talent on Bad Blood gives the impression they are way more mature than photos would lead us to believe. As a package, the track is very reminiscent of Chichester trio Traams and it really makes a statement.

The trio recently signed with indie label Melodic Records and have seen Bad Blood played on 6music. Rumours are abound another track will be released sometime in February, and the band have upcoming support slots with The Limiñanas and The Lucid Dream, as well as a London date at Moth Club, Hackney on Feb 11th.

If they continue to build the steam they have already released, this young gang of doe-eyed heart throbs are sure to make a real impact.



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By Tom Johnson

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