Walt Disco – ‘My Pop Sensibilities’ – Glaswegians return with a frantic art-rock strut.

Scottish newcomers unleash a frantic, angular strut in ‘My Pop Sensibilities’.

Joining other post-punk luminaries rampant in the UK at the moment, Walt Disco have released a new single in My Pop Sensibilities, which would have sat nicely in John Peel’s listening pile.

The wailing Ian McCulloch-esque vocals are impressive and the single hits a frantic tempo at the perfect point. The track weaves and struts around a tense angular groove, with it’s soul firmly at home in early 80’s post-punk.

A quick dip into the Glaswegians stellar back catologue will show Danube, an ode to a jittery and funky Joey Fourr, and Drowning In Your Velvet Bed, an out and out goth powerhouse, part Bauhaus, part Strange House-era The Horrors.

They’re clearly not afraid of exposing their pop sensibilities, which is in no way a bad thing, Walt Disco are set to become a real threat to the current wishy-washy pop lot that occupy the airwaves.



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