Hard Of Hearing Music with guests Sunnbrella – EP06

David Zbirka from London dream-pop outfit Sunnbrella joins us in the studio for EP06 of our new music show on Boogaloo Radio.

New releases, our favourite new bands and a ‘Record Of The Week’ feature on ‘Street Worms’ by hyped Swedish post-punk outfit Viagra Boys. Dip into our new music show live from the Boogaloo pub studio in Highgate, London.

1. Haarm – Better Friend
2. FONTAINES D.C. – Boys In the Better Land
3. LUCIA – What Am I
4. Silverbacks – Dunkirk
5. Kalpa – B Side
6. Self Help – Gooey
7. Baby Strange – Job In The City (Working For Nothing)
8. The Ninth Wave – Love You ‘Til the End
9. Our Girl – Two Life
10. Breathe Panel – Oglala
RECORD OF THE WEEK – at 40 mins.
11. Viagra Boys – Slow Learner
12. Viagra Boys – Sports
13. Viagra Boys – Just Like You
14. Tugboat Captain – Light ‘n’ Breezy
15. Pizzagirl – call it a day
16. Sunnbrella – Nick Hornby
17. Sunnbrella – Feelin’ Invisible
18. Sunnbrella – Outta Focus
19. Lizzo – Juice
20. Bdrmm – C:U
21. Toothpaste – Bedtime
22. Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide


Talk Show – ‘Fast and Loud’ – South east London’s new wave newcomers.

Tugboat Captain – ‘Record Time’ EP – Buoyant, heart-stopping indie pop that keeps you guessing. 

Walt Disco – ‘Danube’ – Glasgow four-piece shake loose with an off-beat, disco-inspired art-rock nugget. 

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson

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