Talk Show – ‘Fast and Loud’ – South east London new wave newcomers.

London’s next new alternative hope is Talk Show, we struck oil in the discovery of demo ‘Fast and Loud’.

New wave or post-punk? You decide. There’s certainly some jagged guitar stuff going on. The south east London quartet have left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to their demo Fast and Loud, which sounds like it was recorded and put out by Factory Records in 1977. Yet, it feels fit for consumption in the pop-dominated new world we live in.

The track has a post-punk groove and a northern soul, and those drums.. I was sold as soon as the vocals came in. It feels like short, sharp and spikey post-punk for a new generation.

Many bands overcomplicate it, there’s a lot to be said about knowing exactly where each instrument fits in the mix and a bands sound. This can be said about bands that dominated alternative music in the late 70’s and early 80’s, such as Echo and The Bunnymen and The Stranglers, who newcomers Talk Show cite as influences and artists that the four-piece have collectively bonded over.

Talk Show‘s debut release will arrive this spring through Yala! Records, it’s time to get excited.



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By Karl Johnson

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