Krush Puppies – ‘Passata’ – A hypnotic, low-key, fuzz-pop beauty.

London quintet Krush Puppies reveal new single and DIY-cut video for the hypnotic ‘Passata’.

Following an appearance at The Great Escape First Fifty at The Macbeth, last month saw London five-piece Krush Puppies drop their new single. Passata is a strung out, fuzz-pop beauty, released through Babelogue Records.

It’s easy to get a little disaffected towards the end of the year as new music releases tend to dry up, but every now and then a gem like Passata comes along to give us faith and keep us ticking over until the new year.

With a video created by getting together and cutting apart old art school stock footage, and a track that seethes raw energy, Passata is a real DIY job. But one that’s done oh so well. It’s hypnotic, both low-key and flickeringly indecisive in the best way possible, and constantly transforming so you’re not quite sure where you are, but it definitely doesn’t matter.

It’s an exciting offering from Krush Puppies, and a triumphant way to end the year, setting them up for even greater things in 2019.


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