MOHIT – ‘Discover Another’ – A sprawling, high-octane roller coaster of a debut.

London-based trio MOHIT show two sides to their surging oceanic noise in debut release Racek / Discover Another.

Despite having only released their debut single at the end of last month, you’ve probably heard a bit of a buzz about MOHIT, and with the sharing of Discover Another, the previously unheard B-side, they’ve proved exactly why their name’s been floating around venues, blogs etc. for a while. Coincidentally, as I wrote this the track came on 6 Music.

Released off the back of an in-store at Rough Trade East and a tour with Ought, Discover Another is a fitting introduction to MOHIT – a glimpse into their vast soundscapes and an incredibly refreshing outlook.

Speaking of the track’s influences, the band said it “… explores the flippant love buzz, build-ups and tear-downs of the young adolescent… From the jangling racey intro, to the silky looping swirls in the ending, the sentiment does not sway.”  Indeed, Discover Another perfectly encapsulates the turbulence of youth, while seemingly harking back to the band’s seaside hometown Bognor Regis in its almost oceanic vastness.

It’s also proof that while they might be writing songs about the confusing turbulence of youth, MOHIT are – at least musically –out the other side of it. Discovering Another, hand in hand with A-side Racek, sees MOHIT share a release that has two impeccably strong tracks. It’s self-assured – the mark of a band who know what they want to sound like, and execute it faultlessly – and no doubt just the start of an incredibly exciting chapter for MOHIT.


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By Melissa Svensen

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