Hard Of Hearing on Boogaloo Radio #5

New releases, our favourite new bands and a ‘Record Of The Week’ feature on Manchester’s Gorgeous Bully. Our fortnightly new music show on Boogaloo Radio returns for EP05.

Dip into our latest live new music show on Boogaloo Radio in Highgate, London.

We played new releases from London trio MOHIT, Bristol fuzz-pop duo INDIGOs, Glasgow art-rock newcomers Walt Disco, south London’s Sleep Eaters, Southampton band Mystic Peach, Londoners Krush Puppies and Hussy as well as a fist full of other special releases. Also, a ‘Record Of The Week’ feature on Manchester’s lo-fi, bedroom-rock darlings Gorgeous Bully and their new record Closure.


1 Klaus Johann Grobe – Discogedanken

2 FUR – Angel Eyes

3 MOHIT – Discover Another

4 Walt Disco – Drowning In Your Velvet Bed

5 FEWS – Paradiso

6 Sleep Eaters – Ghost On Fire

7 Pleasure Complex – Out Of Context

8 Mystic Peach – Across The Pond

9 Gestures – It Follows

10 Krush Puppies – Passata

11 Methyl Ethyl – Real Tight

12 Hussy – Forever

13 Gorgeous Bully – Patience

14 Gorgeous Bully I’ll Be True

15 Gorgeous Bully – Happening

16 Puma Blue – Bruise Cruise

17 Communions – Here and Now

18 Bill Ryder-Jones – Don’t Be Scared, I Love You

19 Icehead – Losing Sleep

20 L.A. Witch – BBs Momma

21 Heirloom – Speak In Tongues

22 Peluche – Figure Me Out

23 Night Beats – One Thing

24 Lacuna Common – Lack Of Knowledge

25 The Peach Fuzz – Destroy The Evidence

26 Hexmaze – Hex Hex Hex

27 Black Doldrums – Trident

28 INDIGOs – Rebirth

29 jellyskin – Mountain

30 Famous – Surf’s Up!

31 Sneaks – Hong Kong to Amsterdam

32 Squid – The Dial


IN DEEP WITH.. Peel Dream Magazine.

Heirloom – ‘Speak In Tongues’ – Swirling psych-tinged rock from Brighton.

Walt Disco – ‘Danube’ – Glasgow four-piece shake loose with an off-beat, disco-inspired art-rock nugget. 

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson

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