Heirloom – ‘Speak In Tongues’ – Swirling psych-tinged rock from Brighton.

Brighton new bunch Heirloom, present an unstoppable slice of psych-tinged rock on third single of 2018.

The much loved south coast city of Brighton (it’s ranked the 42nd most populous district in England), once again proves itself as a hotbed of new musical talent. This time around it’s Brighton quintet Heirloom that provide further evidence of the city’s nurturing touch. On their third release this year, we’re presented with a thought-provoking and eye-watering video for Speak In Tongues.

The new release bounds out of the gate, with surging, psych-tinged synths contorting beneath a cantering guitar line, acting as a whip to the band’s relentless charge. The drumming is rapid and immediate, and brings an unwavering sense of velocity. The guitarplay is consciousness-expanding yet beautifully in check, as the track almost fits it’s psych-pop nutshell.

Lyrically, the track explores sexuality and turning vulnerability into strength, all through the charismatic vocal charge of Jade Taaffe.

Heirloom – “The lyrics are inspired by a book called Women’s Rites by Jeanne De Berg. A woman who throughout her life has helped people explore themselves through sexuality. She helps them to find strength in vulnerability, which I feel a lot of people are opening up to and learning about themselves whether it’s through sexuality or not.”

Last week, Heirloom played their first ever headline show at Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco in support of their new single. Expect Heirloom‘s debut EP in the new year, and on this form, expect to be dazzled.


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