Sunnbrella – ‘Outta Focus’ – The dreamiest of releases, a sun-bleached daydream-pop gem.

London’s Sunnbrella harness solar energy on a dreamy new pop gem entitled ‘Outta Focus’.

Built around the romanticism of a laid-back life, Sunnbrella dive head first into the deep end of dream-pop on their most recent release Outta Focus. That’s not to say that the sound is one-dimensional, there’s more than a hint of anxiety as reverb-soaked guitars bounce off solitary keys.

Life seems to slip out of control, just as quickly as it comes into focus on this jangly pop journey. It’s as sweet a summer number as you’ll ever dream about, reflective and full of romantic imagery. It’s the sound of someone yearning for the beach from within a bustling, neon-lit city.

If last year’s EP, Songs for Wimps, could be described as daydreaming whilst peering through your bedroom window on a rainy day, Outta Focus dances in that same rain on that very same day. Fully embracing it’s insecurities.

Somewhere between these two releases sits Think It, Sunnbrella‘s collaboration with long term friend and electronic producer Oliver Torr. But on this new release, they pull the reins in on their previous experimentalism to provide a more clean cut bedroom-pop diamond. And succeed they do.


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