L.A. WITCH – ‘Haunting’ – The reverb soaked American trio reveal EP of unheard gems.

Los Angeles scuzzy psych-rock trio L.A. WITCH unveil ‘Haunting’ from new EP ‘Octubre’.

With L.A. WITCH’s latest EP Octubre acting as the perfect opportunity to present a collection of old songs that they don’t play live, but still want to be heard – “to get experimental with sounds and textures” – it was inevitable the contents were going to be exciting, and from the off with lead single/ opener Haunting it certainly didn’t let us down.  

Haunting acts as an indication of L.A. WITCH’s ability to take these older songs and give them a new lease of life, while remaining true to their sound. They’re exploring new ground, that’s for sure, but it remains definitively L.A. WITCH.

The EP in general sees L.A. WITCH get a little dark, with Haunting taking us on a completely all-encompassing journey into a distorted, hazy rabbit hole of brooding vocals and swirling guitars. It’s seemingly fuller, and, as a result, while it’s a massively exciting reimagining, it’s hard not to be a little disappointed – purely because it’s so good. L.A. WITCH were certainly right in not wanting to lose these older songs, and Octubre is a brilliant way of capturing them, the suggestion that they won’t explore this experimentation live is a shame.

Regardless, Haunting faultlessly sets the tone for Octubre – a taste of a darker, but consistently brilliant L.A. WITCH. And we can only hope some tracks make an appearance on stage.

Octubre is out now digitally, with vinyl and CD editions set for 2019.


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By Melissa Svensen

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