Family Time – ‘Magic Abyss Hotel’ – A cloak-and-dagger operation, drink to this laid-back, sun-kissed debut.

Touring the rural hotels of Spain, playing to indifference and impatience from their audiences, Family Time step out from the shadows on debut single ‘Magic Abyss Hotel’.

It’s rare to find a band quite so captivating as Family Time. With an origin story shrouded in mystery and myth – involving two Spaniards escaping to Mallorca from their home in London, writing songs which they then toured around rural hotels to unwitting audiences – Family Time had kept their work firmly secret from those who might actually welcome it.

Until now, that is, as with the release of Magic Abyss Hotel we’re finally given a taste of what went down in the studio in Mallorca (and the subsequent hotel tour). Though certainly just a taste – as the band put it, MAH may “simply open a door – just enough to let the light in through the crack” – it’s a valuable glimpse into the world of Family Time.

In MAH we’re treated to five minutes on the Balearic Islands. A sonic transportation to the laid-back haze that inspired the track, and no doubt encompassed the entire trip. Though it’s at times unsettling, teetering on a sound that’s a little more cutting, Family Time simply flirt with this – for it would be wrong to give us everything at once.

Instead, for its duration, MAH remains perfectly fuzzy, as though permanently veiled with a slightly drunken fog, and acts as the perfect introduction to Family Time.

Family Time live:

16th November – Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Hachiku)

29th November – The Victoria, Dalston (w/ Barbudo & Ellie Bleach)


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By Melissa Svensen

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