Honkies – ‘Kicking and Screaming’ – A love letter to country-infused, ramshackle rock.

photo by Through The Eyes Of Ruby

Out on Permanent Creeps Records, south London lot Honkies present new single ‘Kicking and Screaming’.

Kicking and Screaming is the latest love letter to country-infused punk rock in the helter-skelter sonic existence of south London band Honkies.

Released via London label Permanent Creeps Records, and the first single from an upcoming EP, the new release sees the band add to their knee jerk brand of ramshackle rock as they combine wobbling synths with a tight-knit garage-rock rumble.

Honkies latest single comes on like the soundtrack to a small town ‘Annual Easter Fun Fair’, you’ve just stumbled into the haunted house with a hook-a-duck-won goldfish in hand, and present is an equal air of excitement and unease. Honkies write short, sharp, dynamic songs that accelerate and back-fire at will, creating the sort of frenzied energy which leaves your hips in an involuntary square dance. See previous release Pagans for further proof.

26 Oct – Xaviers + Honkies @ The Windmill, London.

12 Nov – Dancehall + Honkies @ The Shacklewell Arms, London.



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