The Mysterines – ‘Hormone’ – Punchy, tight-knit, psych-rock groove on debut release.

Wirral trio The Mysterines come out from the shadows with driving, psych-rock debut in ‘Hormone’.

I’d seen the band name ‘The Mysterines’ splashed over various online gig posters, also i’d heard whispers from Liverpool friends about a promising new band that take a refreshing ‘no bullshit’ approach to their craft, but the Wirral trio have had no online or social media presence, until now. Their debut release.

Stellar live reviews, posters dotted around Liverpool reading ‘Who are The Mysterines?’, and good old fashioned word of mouth have built quite the cloak-and-dagger buzz for the three-piece (still in their teens apparently), who sold out their debut headline show at Liverpool’s 250 capacity Arts Club without releasing a song or harnessing the power of social media. Is this 2018 or 2006? At the time of writing this, the track has 5,848 plays in the 24 hours since it’s release. Strange.

The Mysterines debut release, Hormone, has a punchy, tight-knit, psych-rock groove and is underpinned by an unstoppable bassline. It’s all high-octane garage rock goodness, with sparks of Liverpool’s past and present crop of psych-tinged bands wedged in the sound too (Strange Collective, Psycho Comedy, The Vryll Society). Frontwoman and guitarist Lia Medcalf‘s strength of vocal leads the song through scruffy twists and turns and sounds world beating when at breaking point.

The region has a history of producing great psych-rock bands, and Liverpool’s music scene a reputation for nurturing great new talent. Who are The Mysterines? Only time will tell.


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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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