Deerful – ‘Tell Me I Can Fix This on My Own’ – Glitchy, heartfelt synth-pop from London.

‘Tell Me I Can Fix This on My Own’ is an ocean of emotionally-charged synth-pop, and the new record by London’s Deerful.

Tell Me I Can Fix This on My Own is the September released album by London’s Deerful. Opening with the delicate vocals and intimate lyricism of Emma Winston, the minimal and calmly stirring synth-pop, floats over you with the feeling of an artist in complete control of their craft.

Although cut between nostalgic, glitchy moments of experimental electronica, and more genre challenging moments of left-field pop, make no mistake, this is a pop record. The songwriting on display is sharp, the songs are heartfelt stories, and on a first listen it’s easy to lose yourself within the world Deerful creates.

Sonically it’s warm and full-bodied; the synthesisers create an air of hypnotic calm whilst a lyrical sadness underpins the overall sound. The third track on the record N1c, being an example of this. Following the track, and poised to balance the record, is a mind-bending, otherworldly interlude, which could soundtrack alien contact or the sudden discovery of a battlefield full of the dead, such is the delicate suspense that hangs over the track.

Towards the end of the record, the last two tracks, The Seaside Town and Sunset Drive really display Emma Winston’s knack for writing an emotionally-charged, synth-pop gem. The former, a tear-jerkingly beautiful story of lost love, the latter a straight up electro-pop nugget.

All in all, Tell Me I Can Fix This on My Own is a great record. It could change your perception of pop music, it’s expansive yet intimate, experimental and complex but pop orientated.

On Saturday October 6th, Deerful will support Flirting. at the Old Blue Last for the launch of their EP this would be funny if it were happening to anyone but me, out via Noise is Therapy and Hidden Bay Records.


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