Sunnbrella & Oliver Torr – ‘Think It’ – An ocean of ambient, sunswept and melodic electronic music.

Drifting through ambient underwater soundscapes, and set to a wash of blissful vocal calm, old friends Sunnbrella & Oliver Torr team up on ‘Think It’.

Think It is a collaboration between London-based group Sunnbrella and electronic producer Oliver Torr. Clocking in around 7 minutes 30 seconds, the spacious track delves into an oceanic soundscape of ambient electronic music. A hypnotic, drifting melody and washed out vocals join the track adding a heartbeat to Think It‘s calming soul. Explorative and calming in equal measure, the track finds a middle ground between melodic dream-pop and minimal electronica forging a sound that feels at home somewhere between coastal drives and the sheer bliss of warm summer evenings.

Sunnbrella – “…The song was bounced and mixed on a Tascam 244 4-Track Cassette Recorder. We’ve been playing in bands and working on projects together since we were kids…  he mainly producers ambient electronic music and is the co founder of XYZ Project, an audiovisual collective of artists based in Prague/Berlin.”

“… The track started out as a synth line and beat that Oliver sent me. He was living in Berlin at the time so we worked on it over e-mail, it was a constant back-and-forth…  He sort of set the initial vibe for the track and I added guitars, vocals, and some good ol’ shoegaze noise.” 


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By Karl Johnson


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