Denh Izen – ‘What It Means’ – A dark, crooning, emotional roller coaster of sound.

Denh Izen shares ‘What It Means’, the dark and thoughtful first taste of upcoming EP ‘Storage Solutions’.

With a vocal delivery that conjures the emotion of someone that has lived at least four times his lifetime, 17 year old Tavish JW Westwood aka Denh Izen will leave you an emotional wreck as his new single, the youthful ponderings of What It Means, filters straight through to your soul and settles in.

The touching new release arrives as an introduction to Denh Izen‘s forthcoming EP through London label Memorials of Distinction, who are throwing a release party on September 8th at The Five Bells, London in celebration.

Questioning the true meaning of being, whilst embracing the unknown reality of living isn’t an everyday thought for the average person, but the question sits heavy at the heart of What It Means, as vocally Westwood’s higher range delivers a devastating tenderness which contrasts exquisitely with his gruff baritone. Distant waves of guitar and otherworldly floating synths wash over the track pushing the vocals into rushes of euphoria.

Stroll through the dimly lit sonic B-roads and fall headfirst into the atmospheric song craft of newcomer Denh Izen.


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By Karl Johnson



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