Super Paradise – ‘Sweat’ – A crushing wave of dreamlike garage rock.

London-based five-piece Super Paradise release ‘Sweat’, a raucous and ramshackle chunk of garage rock.

Having moved from Milan to make London their permanent base to make music, the city’s lightning-paced lifestyle and dynamic music scene seems to have sunk it’s claws into the band’s sound. Sweat is the new release by Super Paradise, it’s their first release since their debut record, and marks a full throttle, high-octane garage rock return.

The track is a breathless and frenetic exhibition of garage rock, ramshackle guitarplay and blistering drums reminiscent of American front runners Black Lips, contrast with a washed out dreamy soundscape resulting in a euphoric and punishing wall of sound.

Sweat is perhaps the bands most furious release to date, all the charm from their debut LP Quencebo can be found here but in a pure and concentrated form. Super Paradise go straight for the jugular with a brand driving garage rock that washes over you again and again with breaking waves of sound.

The band will play a free headline show at The Old Blue Last on August 4th, and on this form, it won’t be one to be missed.


Ellie Bleach – ‘Leave Me Alone’ – A love-struck pop nugget.

DITZ – ‘Seeking Arrangement’ – A lightning-paced, noisy rock return.

WOOZE – ‘Hello Can You Go’ – A driving, groove-addled art-rock introduction.

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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