Playlist – New Music To Your Ears

A selection of new music for your ears.

London duo WOOZE release debut single Hello Can You Go via Young Poet Records, CHILDCARE return with the Luckyucker EP and the excellent Magazines, London newcomers Cagework release Good Ideas whilst Peckham’s Mellah release Subsission from their new EP Middle England.
Brighton quintet DITZ return with the raucous Seeking Arrangement, Western-super-Mare post-punk trio Pork Pie unveil new EP Post Maudlin on Bristol’s Breakfast Records, Exploded View come out of the shadows with the dark and atmospheric Raven Raven, Leeds sextet Talkboy release euphoric debut cut Mother and Ellie Bleach presents love-struck pop nugget Leave Me Alone.


5 minutes with… SILVA.

WOOZE – ‘Hello Can You Go’ – A groove-addled, driving art-rock introduction.

No Violet – ‘Be Your Friend’ – A high-octane, riff-ready, rock and roller coaster.

headofhearinglogov5Karl Johnson


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