Wooze – ‘Hello Can You Go’ – A groove-addled, driving art-rock introduction.

London duo WOOZE unleash debut cut ‘Hello Can You Go’ via Young Poet Records.

WOOZE are the Korean/ British duo of Theo Spark and Jamie She. The video for their debut track Hello Can You Go, was filmed in the South Korean capital city of Seoul, and directed by K Pop director Nuri Jeong. The video shows the duo singing karaoke in a neon lit backroom in Seoul, before stumbling out onto the city streets in an otherworldly state of euphoria.

Hello Can You Go is the space age pop gem from the London duo out on Young Poet Records. The track comes to life with a story of imaginary romance, set to a rolling backdrop of tight-knit, groove-addled pop. There’s melody in the psych-tinged madness, Beatles-esque melodies meet driving art-rock to form an off-kilter brand of irresistible left-field pop which is completely their own.


5 minutes with… SILVA.

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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson



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