Ellie Bleach – ‘Leave Me Alone’ – A love-struck pop nugget.

Southend-on-Sea’s Ellie Bleach returns with new single ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Anyone who has listened to Ellie Bleach‘s music has felt a songwriter gifted in transferring emotion into music, relatable visions of lost love fuse with a lyrical sense of comic tragedy portrayed through a left-field pop lens.

Leave Me Alone brings a new dimension to Bleach‘s writing, the hazy dream-pop veil is lifted exposing her ability to deliver a direct love-struck pop nugget. The humour and ability to create a universal story is still ever present, but this time wrapped up in perfectly structured, organ-led pop nostalgia.

A quick dip into Bleach‘s back catalogue will show you a devotion to heart-wrenching love songs, the intimate I Want You So Bad and Grip (Get a Hobby) from 2017 EP Petty show sprawling touches of brilliant pop moments that hit you right in the gut.

Leave Me Alone is a soulful return packed with touching vocals, smart lyricism and a soaring chorus, from an exciting artist whose has the ability to turn pop music on it’s head, given half a chance.


5 minutes with… ELLIE BLEACH.

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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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