5 minutes with… SILVA

London dream-pop quartet SILVA took the time to chat with us about women in music, David Bowie and their big plans for 2018.

What were your motivations in forming SILVA? 

“Individually we’ve all been passionate about music and have been somewhat involved in it one way or another. Kerstin (bassist) and Shakira (drummer) have played in several bands. Esther has been playing guitar for a while and had been jamming with Kerstin before the band was formed. Sylvia is classically trained in piano for about 12 years. We came together as a band essentially because we wanted to be in an environment where we could play music as well as spend time with each other (as we are all very good friends), therefore creating a safe space for us to express ourselves and share new ideas. Consequently, this enables us to each come up with our own composition and share our views/ thoughts within a respectful and understanding space. “

If you could bring back one artist from the dead to collaborate with, who would it be and why? 

“We would love to bring back David Bowie (RIP) to collaborate with as he was such an avant garde musician and an interesting figure within the music industry. We would’ve loved to hear his thoughts and get his advice on how to push the boundaries in music.”


Is there a defining message you want to put across through your lyrics and music? 

“In terms of lyrics, overall we seek to put forward a positive but conscientious message to whoever is listening to us. Our track ‘Like a Doll’ is essentially a description of how women on a daily basis are treated ‘like a doll’, constantly objectified and looked down upon (in the second verse “Try to put me down, explain me how, the world goes round / Am I not allowed to think out loud, so f* you now”).
Our other track ‘The End’ was written by Sylvia after Trump’s election in 2017, reflecting upon a feeling of disappointment (first verse: “Listen, this is the end/ The end, of a song, of a story, our history”), yet this disappointment is also counterbalanced by an uprise of solidarity within different communities (chorus: “Come, come together all of us/ Live keep living, share your tears and hope that’s left” ).
In a way, through our songs we aim to bring people together on a common ground, a shared feeling accompanied instrumentally and musically by a bitter sweet and nostalgic vibe.”

What are your experiences in respect to how women are represented in modern day music? 

“Although there is still more work to be done within the music industry in terms of the disparities and inequalities between men and women, the experience is both hopeful yet we remain very realistic. We see so many amazing and talented women within the industry who are unapologetic and doing their thing. Ultimately we seek to be able to participate in offering a positive and realistic representation of women in modern day music.”

What are you most looking forward to this year as a band? 

“We are super excited for this year to come as we have recently been offered a residency at the Roundhouse. We hope that throughout this year, we will develop our sound and find the SILVA identity. We’re looking forward to gigging more including outside of London, and looking to record our tracks to hopefully release our first EP soon. We are writing new songs at the moment too! Ideally by summer next year we will have a few slots in some festivals!”


Sink Ya Teeth – ‘Substitutes’ – Haunting dancefloor-punk.

No Violet – ‘Be My Friend’ – A high-octane, riff-ready rock and roller coaster.

Drahla – ‘Twelve Divisions of the Day’ – A swirling mass of motorik post-punk. 

headofhearinglogov5Karl Johnson



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