Drahla – ‘Twelve Divisions of the Day’ – A swirling mass of motorik post-punk.

Leeds trio Drahla unveil a slab of motorik post-punk on their first release through Captured Tracks.

Twelve Divisions of the Day is the new release by Leeds/ Wakefield trio Drahla. The release nosedives straight into a swirling mass of lightning-paced krautrock. On their first release through Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, the band harness a hard-edged industrial sound enhancing their reputation as artists able to experiment with ideas and sound whilst still maintaining their identity.

Twelve Divisions of the Day opens with a choppy, bass-driven groove which flies out of the traps with a menacing intent, joined by aggressive stabs of guitar and a swelling motorik pulse, the tracks dark and haunting underbelly is revealed. The band toy with the type of angular post-punk and raw mechanical guitar sounds that make a comparison to Sonic Youth not too much of a leap, but Drahla‘s songcraft is their own, and their ability to manipulate a furious storm of noise and emotion at will, puts them at the epicentre of everything that’s right with the new movement of guitar bands in the UK.

The 7″ single comes via Captured Tracks on July 20th complete with a band-made fanzine.


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headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson


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